Labor’s BCC expenditure returns don’t add up

ALP must have spent more than $250k


An election eve survey by the Australian Institute for Progress of electoral expenditure returns has found discrepancies in the Labor BCC expenditure returns.

Despite dominating election advertising, including on primetime TV, for the last four weeks, they claim to have spent only $251,621.33 to date.

Anyone who knows the cost of this sort of advertising knows that this cannot be right.

It would appear that either the ALP is not complying with the law, or a third party, related to the ALP, is paying their bills, and the third party is not complying with the law.

ALP Lord Mayoral candidate Patrick Condren needs to own up.

The ALP’s campaign centres around allegations of rorting by the LNP, but in fact it would appear they have a rort of their own.


The campaigns spending over $100,000 are:

Three of the biggest spending campaigns are in Brisbane, two in Townsville and one in Logan City.

The improbability of the ALP’s expenditure claim can be demonstrated not just by the fact that they are claiming to have spent only 35% of what the LNP has, but their expenditure, targeting enough seats to run the city, is only twice what the Greens are spending, targeting three seats for the balance of power.

They also claim to be spending less than half what one of the Townsville campaigns is spending, and twice what another one is.

This is implausible when you are comparing a campaign in a regional city, with approximately 100,000 voters, where advertising is cheap, with a capital city and around 625,000, where advertising is expensive.


“The ALP boasts about the transparency and fairness of their electoral donation laws yet they appear to be anything but transparent and fair.

“Voters have a right to know who is bankrolling all the political parties, not just some of them.”

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