Queensland Climate Transition Bill 2023

This was a Greens’ bill which was considered by the State Development and Regional Industries Parliamentary Committee. It was quite radical and called for NetZero by 2035 plus the banning of all fossil fuel production.

There was no chance the parliament was going to pass this bill as it would have resulted in Queensland being decimated. Life as we know it is simply impossible without fossil fuel to provide not just energy, but petrochemical products like plastics, explosives and fertilisers.

We thought it important to make a submission because the bill is typical of so much of the magical thinking that is around, so rehearsing arguments against them was important.

You can download the submission by clicking here.

The submission runs through the impossibility of meeting the deadlines, the costs of banning fossil fuel extraction (based on this earlier paper), the dangers inherent in giving emissions policy precedence over every other policy area; and the fact that there is no climate emergency.