We believe in a better future based on:

  • Individual freedom
  • Individual responsibility
  • Individual rights
  • Material and social progress
  • Civil society before government

We believe that government should be:

  • The scaffold which supports this future
  • As small and efficient as possible

We believe in Enlightenment values: 

  • Facts matter
  • There is right and wrong
  • Knowledge and understanding of our culture is the birthright of all Australians
  • Truths that aren’t challenged can’t be relied upon

We acknowledge that some people will fail and government has a role to:

  • Support those who have no other means of support
  • Only to the extent that they are genuinely unable to support themselves
  • Ensure their opportunity and motivation to rejoin society is as large as possible

We will research and advocate positions which support these beliefs. Support us by becoming a member and receive discounted access to functions and free publications of the institute. 

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