Because the future does not look after itself.

The Australian Institute for Progress exists to advance the discussion, development and implementation of public policy for Australia’s future, from its base in Brisbane. It is politically unaligned, and funded through membership, donations and consultancies.

The AIP promotes the classic rights – freedom of expression, freedom of association, property rights, freedom of worship, and freedom of markets. It is the view of the AIP that human ingenuity is indomitable and lies at the heart of human progress. We believe that individuals – not governments – are best placed to direct their own futures, and that it is their ideas and efforts that help shape a collective future.

The AIP will contribute to debate by enabling the publication of discussion and policy papers, conduct seminars, participate in forums, and the media. We will seek to engage all Australians, but particularly those in the prime of their careers who will bear the responsibility for advancing our nation in the decades ahead of us. In this way, we will place ourselves at the centre of sensible, visionary public debate and policy discussion in Australia. We will play a leading role in helping to shape the nation we can become.