Climate Energy Policy Launch with Dr Tom Biegler

100% carbon free requires a grid 2.2 to 3 times larger than at present and wind and solar won’t meet this capacity in a reasonable time frame, if at all. Join us for a discussion on Monday July 13th for a discussion on why Nuclear is the only practicable answer.

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You won’t find an Australian government, or opposition, that is not promising to get to net zero CO2 emissions sometime in the future and, despite this, none of them have any idea of the engineering difficulties entailed in getting there. To address this, we will be launching a policy discussion paper, by Dr Tom Biegler, that looks at the challenges of electrifying the whole economy.

Dr Tom Biegler is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and is the former Chief of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Chemistry. As an electrochemist, with a PhD in Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney, Dr Biegler has recently focused his career on improving public understanding of energy issues such as the necessity of nuclear power and the feasibility of renewables.

When: Monday July 13, 2020 at 6pm (AEST)
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: Free, though donations are welcome
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