Launch of “What a Capital Idea” by Professor Jim Allan

If you care about Australia, Chris Reynolds’ new history of Australia from 1770 to 1901 is a must read.

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The things we always valued about Australia are under attack. Reynolds’ book puts a new perspective on the settlement of this land and it will be launched by Professor Jim Allan, Garrick Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, one of the loudest voices inside and outside the academy in defence of traditional values. He describes himself as the “most conservative law professor in the country”.

The Australia that emerges from the book is more complicated, more inspirational, and more interesting than the one we thought we knew. It provides a new place to stand to defend our nation.

Australia was the first country to explicitly ban slavery, was an inspired experiment in rehabilitation of criminals, but was also settled to provide cover for commercial and military interests.

Dr Reynolds’ contribution gives us much to be proud of, and much to reflect on. It is written with great insight, and good humour.

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