Trump, Brexit and the Forgotten People

Henry_OlsenRobert Menzies famously spoke of “the forgotten people” as the natural constituency of the centre-right. Today, in America and elsewhere, traditional centre-right parties face revolts from voters angry at political elites.

Have the forgotten people been forgotten once more by an establishment remote from their everyday lives?

American political analyst Henry Olsen explains the constituency that propelled Donald Trump to presidential nominee, pushed Britain out of Europe, and is disrupting the status quo around the globe.

He will remember who they are, what they want, and how centre-right parties can win a majority.

The Australian Institute for Progress in association with the Menzies Research Centre is hosting an appearance in Brisbane by Henry Olsen.

When: Friday August 19, 2016
Where: The London Club
Cost: $30 non-members, $20 AIP and MRC Members
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