Election Review Panel

The AIP’s election review panel consisted of AIP Executive Director and pollster, Graham Young, former professor, Dr Scott Prasser, and LNP State Director, Lincoln Folo.

Their views were divergent to some degree, with a high degree of overlap as well.

We have uploaded the power point presentations by Scott and Graham, and a set of notes to go with Scott’s presentation.

The event was covered by Chatham House rules, but there appeared to be a fair degree of common ground that the Coalition was never going to have an easy task. Allied to that there was also agreement that the Coalition result is one they can recover from, and that Labor’s result was not strong, considering the factors at play.

Teal candidates defeated Liberals this election, but it is likely that they will run against both Labor and Nationals in future elections. While they represent themselves as independents they show a lot of the characteristics of political parties, but with limited internal democracy.