• Our general findings are that, as in the 2017 election, electors are unenthusiastic about the two major parties. While they rate Labor ahead of the LNP on key issues, they harbour an on-balance desire to see LNP elected. This makes both parties’ positions fragile.

  • The latest AIP Housing Affordability Index shows that while house prices have risen there is scope for them to rise much further before they become unaffordable, judged on an historical basis of what purchasers are prepared to pay.

  • Bushfires are a recurring, and mostly beneficial, feature of Australia’s ecology, with many plants and species evolved to depend on regular fires. However severe bushfires represent a threat to human life and property.

  • The coalition scrambled across the line by gaining enough votes from minor party voters on the economy, and also Mediscare, to cancel out problems with superannuation.

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