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Support for Intellectual Property Rights Comes From 85 Organizations Representing 51 Countries

The Australian Institute for Progress was happy to support this open letter to the Director of the World Intellectual Property Organisation from the Property Rights Alliance. Properly constructed property rights are a cornerstone to social, cultural and commercial advancement.


Infrastructure funding needs more thought

State governments are constrained by an inability to raise taxes or debt while facing massive population growth. To afford the infrastructure they need the tax system needs to be arranged so there is a return to the state from increased efficiencies.


Book launch: The Charity Ball

Too many charities in Australia do little or no charity work, too many receive most of their income from government, and too many lobby government for more. Gary Johns analyses the charity sector and concludes that a better informed donor is essential to drive better charity.


Katter’s Australian Party policies need to benefit all of Queensland, not just a few

CM_15_05_15_ThumbKatter’s Australian Party policies are a mishmash of ideas from the 1950s and before, combined with a few potentially great ideas. They might excite cheers from the front bar of the Post Office Hotel in Cloncurry but most need to be discarded and some need more work.

And this matters because courtesy of the last election and the Billy Gordon affair, the two KAP MPs may even hold the balance of power from time to time with their fellow north Queenslander Gordon.