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Katter’s Australian Party policies need to benefit all of Queensland, not just a few

CM_15_05_15_ThumbKatter’s Australian Party policies are a mishmash of ideas from the 1950s and before, combined with a few potentially great ideas. They might excite cheers from the front bar of the Post Office Hotel in Cloncurry but most need to be discarded and some need more work.

And this matters because courtesy of the last election and the Billy Gordon affair, the two KAP MPs may even hold the balance of power from time to time with their fellow north Queenslander Gordon.


Don’t go too far in advocating constitutional recognition for Aborigines

“Not ready to vote” is the phrase the government has been advised to use as the excuse to delay until 2017 a referendum to recognise Aborigines in the Constitution. Could it just be conceivable that, no matter how much of our money governments spend telling us otherwise, Australians will never be ready for further constitutional recognition?